We take the spiritual development of the congregation seriously. There are a number of initiates to foster a deeper relationship with God. The Wonderers This is a group, open to all ages, that meets on the last Friday of every second month at the Rectory. The aim is to enjoy an informal worship; discussion of biblical or religious topics ending with a “bring and share” meal. Daily Prayer Booklets Developing the ability to pray on a regular basis is at the heart of the Christian life. There are many ways to pray. One aid that we offer to the congregation is a weekly daily prayer booklet which can be used at home. St Ninian’s Prayer Circle We have a group of people who feel called to pray for all those who ask us to pray for them on a regular basis. The may be ill or in trouble. We maintain a public list of those who have requested to be put on our prayer list and their names are mentioned at our services on either Thursday or Sunday. Healing Services We all need to get spiritual help for our fears and worries whether they are physical or emotional. We therefore offer on the first Saturday of each month a tailor-made Eucharist where there is space to receive special prayers, blessings and an anointing to help the individual in their particular struggle. People attend either to seek prayer and spiritual strength for their specific needs or to pray for others. St Ninian’s Kids Children are important to us. We cater for the needs of children by offering them a role as valued members of our congregation and we attempt to nurture their social, physical and spiritual needs by using a dedicated team to try to meet those needs. Our Kids range in age from toddlers to adolescents. Crossmyloof Day-Care Centre and Club Outreach to the wider community is important. For example, our Church Hall and facilities are used on a regular basis by community groups. One specific example of outreach is the that The Rector is chaplain to the Crossmyloof day-care centre and every second month conducts an appropriate service of hymns and readings for both the day visitors and the permanent residents who are living in the attached Crossmyloof Home. Calling All Disciples! You may recall that at the recent congregational meeting one of the subject matters raised was the issue of the difficulty of sharing the faith with others who are not members of the church family. Some folk felt it would be helpful to have training in how to express the faith. We are most fortunate in the South Region to have an expert in this very aspect of discipleship in the shape of the Rev Lesley-Anne Craddock of St Oswald’s. Lesley-Anne is a Pioneer Minister whose primary calling is to work “outside the walls of the church” and has been trained for this very purpose of sharing the faith with those who are not regular church attenders. I have spoken with her and she has told me that the first step would be to meet with those who would appreciate encouragement in this area to ascertain what their hopes and expectations might be and then to be able to tailor any help that can follow. Accordingly, if you wish to be part of this exciting enterprise please contact me and in turn we will arrange to meet with Lesley-Anne. The Rector
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Spiritual Growth, Fellowship and Care

Lent Course 2018 As has become our practice, a discussion course will be offered this coming Lent. The discussion period takes place immediately after the Eucharist on Thursday mornings. The material chosen for this year is entitled No Body but Yours, and the title is a reference to a prayer attributed to St Teresa of Avila, who prayed – Christ has no body now but yours. No hands, no feet on earth, but yours. Yours are the eyes through which he looks with compassion on this world. As Christians, we are all challenged by Jesus’ final commission to his disciples: that they were to go and make disciples of all nations. Clearly this has not been accomplished and the realisation of this fact is the springboard for the Lent reflections which take, through six sessions, the sentiments expressed in the prayer by St Teresa and examine them in detail. The material is designed to make us reflect not just upon how we live our faith but how this faith is proclaimed and how we can be Christ to and for others. The six sessions are entitled - No body but yours; No hands but yours; Your eyes of compassion; Let nothing disturb you; and All things pass away: God never changes. The dates for the sessions will be 15th and 22nd February; 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd March. Past courses have proved to be very popular indeed so why not bring a friend with you to make it an even richer experience. The Rector.